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Choose the correct words a-d to complete the sentences:

1.……I get another job soon, I`m going to get into debt.
2.   Honestly, I think I`d explode…. I ate another thing.
3. He…his homework unless you stand over him and force him to do it.
4. If he…….hard, he`d probably pass, but he`s just very lazy.
5. If she…..it, she can take it back to the shop.
6. We can get a sandwich before the film if you…..
7. If you have any problems,…….me a ring.
8. If I could work anywhere, I ………… a job with Google.
9. Маria ……………..be really good at sports when she was a kid.
10. I suddenly realised that Peter ……………, and I was alone in the office.
11. As soon as I …………. home, I’ll call you.
12. It ………… be easy living here without electricity.
13. It’s a ………… more demanding than you thought.

Decide which word does not collocate with the word in bold:

1. Job
2. food
3. course
4. clothes
5. plate
6. carrot

Choose the correct word in each sentence:

1. The Korean team beat Spain ........all odds.
2.    The street was crammed  ........ people celebrating.
3.    They had been ....... a bad run of ten games without a win.
4.      The manager blames the referee ....... the defeat.
5.     I bet 10 pounds..............the win – and I won 1000 pounds.
6.     I`m not generally very good  ....... Maths.
7.     Most of the time , I seem to be........a loss for words.
8.  I’m really ……………. with the results of the tests.
9. The restaurant is …….. Every table is taken.
10. Jim is very ……….. He will always support you and be a good friend.
11. We waited on the ………….. for the train.
12. After years of study, I’ve …………… the language at last. I’m fluent.
13. A local company has been …………. over by a multinational.
14. Don’t give up. It’ll probably …………….a few attempts before you manage to do it.

Read the text and answer the questions below:

She knew the street backwards, of course. How many times had she been dragged up it as a child by the wrist, whining and snivelling, always wishing she were somewhere else? Now she had no desire to be anywhere but here. This bustling traffic, these fuming buses, these chipped paving stones and boarded-up shop fronts, they were hers. Here, she would grow from defiant teenager to independent woman. When she was an old woman, she would gaze out over the lawns and say ‘Ah, Knox Road, that’s where I really came into my own’.
Number 126 was only a short walk from the bus stop, and she heaved her multiple bags onto her shoulders and trudged off, trying to maintain the elation as the straps dug into the flesh of her neck and fingers. Number 126 was set back slightly from the main road, with a concrete path and weed-patch at the front. The window frames were rotten and the paint chipped. Holly tried not to mind. It was what was inside that counted, after all. The coming-together of six individuals from diverse backgrounds. discussing politics, culture and art late into the night, sharing ideas, recipes, milk, shower gel and lovers – that would be what she’d look back on of course, not the paintwork. In the absence of either a bell or knocker, she rapped firmly on the door.
There was no reply. Holly peered through gap in curtains in the downstairs window, but there was nothing but gloom within. She could hear a faint thudding of a bass beat, but was not sure which house it belonged to. She rapped more firmly, and was searching for a pebble to throw to the upstairs window when the door opened. A shirtless, overweight twenty-something, with bleary eyes and greasy hair stood in the doorway wearing boxer shorts and mismatched socks.
“I’ve come for the upstairs room, I’m the new tenant,” said Holly brightly.
The man grunted slightly and moved aside. He gestured up the dim, uncarpeted stairway and began to shuffle along the dark hallway to the rear of the house.
“Top floor, is that right? I guess I just follow my nose!” Holly gave a high laugh, and received another grunt in reply. Then the man was gone.
Not to worry, he must be the quiet moody type, thought Holly, too caught up in his own profound thoughts for inane chit-chat. One day she would penetrate his hard outer shell and release the free spirit inside. Anyway, now for the stairs.
The four flights of stairs would be worth it, she’d decided when she picked out the flat, even if it did mean her going downstairs to get to the bathroom, because the room faced the front, and she could watch the world scurry by as she sipped her morning coffee. Kicking one bag in front and dragging the others behind, she finally made it up the four flights and flung open the door to her new room, her new haven, her new adult life.
Peeling beige wallpaper, a lumpy mattress on a chipboard bedframe, a bare light bulb, a flat-pack wardrobe inexpertly put together. All this, Holly could just about put up with, but when she saw the view from her window – a dull patch of grey sky, invariable whatever the angle, she finally had to admit to herself that her adult life was not getting off to a great start.
What can be inferred from the text?
Where is Knox Road?
Which word best describes 126 Knox Road?
What can be inferred about the character of Holly?
Which one is NOT true of 126 Knox Road?
What can be inferred about the man who opened the door?
Which one is NOT true of Holly’s room?
Which best describes the change in Holly’s emotions?

Choose the correct option to fill in the gaps:

A first time for everybody

Joe stepped onto the aeroplane and was met by one of the cabin crew who showed him to his seat. This was his first flight and he was feeling quite nervous. His hands were ....1.... slightly and he was breathing deeply. He walked along the ...2.... of the plane and found his seat. Joe had spent a lot of time ....3.... planning his holiday, given this was the first time he had been abroad. Sitting next to him was an 8 year-old-boy who also ...4.... to be quite nervous. Joe knew he was quite good ....5.... children, so he decided to try to calm the boy. After ....6.... with the boy for a few minutes, Joe produced some chocolate and gave it to him. The ....7....  then became quite cheerful as he explained that he loved chocolate ....8.... much.

The man and the boy found that they ....9.... well together as they chatted for the whole flight. Joe discovered that they were on the same return flight the following week, which pleased them both. When they ....10.... at the terminal, Joe commented about what a very ....11.... flight he'd had. The young boy agreed, saying that he was looking forward to ...12... Joe again on the return flight.

Choose the appropriate Preposition:

It was really nice ...... you to invite me.
The house has been ........ the market for a while.
I'm not very good ....... maths.
You are ....... no obligation to go.
He is ....... charge of the whole department.
You must be responsible ...... your decisions.
I'm very concerned ........ his smoking.
Could you deal ...... this problem later, please?
I want to protest ........ the state of the building.

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