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Choose the correct verb:

1. The President ....... his father as a source of inspiration.
2. The party leaders...................everyone who could go out and vote.
3. The two parties have ........... to cooperate.
4. The government .......... the stalemate on the opposition.
5. Our landlord suddenly ......... that he was putting up the rent.
6. He’s ............ his lawyers to evict us if we don’t pay.
7. My son ............... with us to buy him a car and in the end we gave up.
8. I heard him ............. that his parents were rich.

Choose the correct option to fill in the gaps:

The global recording industry has launched its largest wave of legal ....1... against people suspected of ....2... music files on the internet. The latest move by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) ....3... 2,100 alleged uploaders ....4... Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks in 16 nations ....5... the UK, France, Germany and Italy. Thousands of people have agreed to pay compensation since the campaign ....6... In the US, civil lawsuits have been ....7... against more than 15,597 people ....8... September 2003 and there have been 3,590 settlements. 'This is a significant ....9... of our enforcement actions against people who are uploading and distributing ....10... music on p2p networks,' said IFPI chief John Kennedy. 'Thousands of people - mostly internet-savvy men in their 20s or 30s - have learnt to their ....11... the legal and financial risks involved in file-sharing copyrighted music in large quantities.' Individual cases are generally brought by the national associations ....12... the recording industry, and in some cases by the labels, ....13... civil complaints. The UK record industry has so far brought 97 cases, with a ....14... 65 covered by the latest action. More than 140,000 in compensation has been paid to the British Phonographic Industry by 71 individuals. Those who ....15... to resolve cases face civil court action.
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Choose the appropriate Preposition:

It was really nice ...... you to invite me.
The house has been ........ the market for a while.
I'm not very good ....... maths.
You are ....... no obligation to go.
He is ....... charge of the whole department.
You must be responsible ...... your decisions.
I'm very concerned ........ his smoking.
Could you deal ...... this problem later, please?
I want to protest ........ the state of the building.

Read the texts below and answer the questions:

Text 1

Iford Manor Festival Season

Iford Manor has been described as one of the most stunning concert venues in the West Country.  Throughout high summer, Iford Arts stages an internationally renowned festival in a breathtakingly beautiful pastoral setting. Operatic performances are staged in-the-round in the intimate surroundings of the Italianate Cloister, which could not be more perfect in terms of scale and style. While the classical backdrop could hardly be more fitting, the real delight for our audiences is that, as the sky turns purple overhead, the first stars appear and the first heady notes resound across the countryside, no-one is seated less than twenty feet from the performers. The opportunity for a relaxing pre-show picnic in our tranquil gardens overlooking the meandering River Frome will complete an already magical experience.

Iford Arts, a registered charity promoting the appreciation of performing arts in the west of England, aims to benefit the local community by engaging young professional artists and stimulating young people’s enjoyment of being involved in live performances.  We hope to support young musicians in their career development by encouraging them to develop repertoire and perform to a supportive audience and providing the exquisite environment in which to do so. Iford Arts does not receive any public subsidies, relying on vital private contributions. We offer various levels of private patronage and corporate sponsorship, each providing a range of privileges such as priority booking.
What aspect of Iford Manor is emphasized in the first paragraph?
What is the main purpose of the second paragraph?
Text 2
Piano Practice
I glare at the piano keys, a lump of fetid anger in my chest, bile in my lungs. Naturally mother had won. Had it been worth the fight? Now I am incarcerated in this airless room, curtains shutting out the summer sunshine, and I’m supposed to blot out the birdsong with my discordant and clumsy attempts at harmony.
Music is the food of love, they say. Music will set you free, they sang. Remember those romantic novels where the entrapped heroine finds her freedom and salvation through music? How her soaring voice allowed her to escape the claustrophobic confines of her disagreeable existence? Where was that freedom now? All I can see is this grid of horizontal and vertical lines mocking me like the bars on a prison cell. And a prison warden who barks at me from beyond the grave: Be quiet, now. You may play loudly now. See the discreet ‘3’ above the semiquaver A flat, demanding that I play the note with the third finger, the third! How dare that bearded, long-dead German enforce upon me how I play this note? I will not use my finger, you fusty old man! I will play it with my thumb! No, I will bash it with my fist. I can head butt it with impassioned fury if so I choose!

The crow in the kitchen screeches over the sound of the clattering dishes. Why aren’t you playing? And so I clench my muscles, take a deep breath and hammer out that lullaby, as if inviting all the hordes of hell to descend upon the baby’s cradle.
In the second paragraph, why does the character mention 'romantic novels where the entrapped heroine finds her freedom and salvation through music'?
Why does the character in the text 'hammer out that lullaby' (last paragraph)?

Choose the correct option:

All my life ....
There you are!
He's had his car ...
I don't think Tokyo ....
I have never been ... in all my life!

Choose the correct sentence:

Choose the correct option:

1. Fry the meat_________ a few minutes.

2. I wish I _________ leave, but it’s already midnight.

3. We were supposed _________ the boat back to the other side, but we missed it.

4. We’ll take warm coats _________ it gets cold later.

5. I’ve been waiting here _________.

6. Don’t throw the water away, ________ you will need it later.

7. Winning the lottery enabled ________ her own house.

8. I wish I ________ help you.

9. Let’s ask the ________ neighbours if they want to pay for a new fence.

10. You shouldn’t ________ it difficult.

11. We haven’t got ________ equipment.

12. There was a lot of damage ________ my car.

13. We’ve ________ decided where to go on our holidays.

Choose the correct verb to complete the sentences:

1. films

2. pop songs

3. colours

4. paintings

5. poor areas of cities

6. places with no people

7. heat

8. jobs

Choose the correct verb to complete the sentences:

1. I’m calling to ________ about the arrangements for next month’s conference.

2. The railway company apologised for ________ the public about the new timetables.

3. All our money was stolen but we were able to ________ it back on the insurance.

4. Jerry has ________ ligaments in his leg and can’t play rugby at the moment.

5. While driving abroad, my dad got ________ up by a lorry, which very nearly hit him.

6. When did you last ________ a party?

7. He’s always ________ his foot in it – always saying the wrong thing.

8. The police have ________ millions of dollars in drugs during a well-planned raid.

9. Have you ever ________ on a float?

10. In the picture, she ________ to have been upset by something.

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